Compass Education Level 2: Educator Certification Workshop

Applying Systems Thinking for Sustainability School Transformation

Hosted by UWCSEA East Campus, Singapore, 9-10 May, 2015

Workshop Overview

In this workshop participants will explore the challenges and means of integrating sustainability values, principles and practice into education – specifically existing curriculum and school culture. Special emphasis is placed on the use of systems thinking to enhance teaching and student learning. Systems thinking tools and methods will be demonstrated and participants will have the opportunity to explore their practical application within their own subject disciplines and as agent of change for school transformation.

The aim of the course is for participants to leave with a deeper understanding of sustainability and its alignment with the goals of education and existing curriculum requirements, in addition to gaining experience in using systems thinking tools, methods and skills in their teaching practice and own spheres of influence and roles within their school. Moreover, participants will gain a greater awareness of their own systems context and construct a personal systems action plan to leverage their sphere of influence for positive change in their school.


∼ This course is Level 2 of Compass Education’s 3-level educator training program ∼


As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain and interpret the sustainability paradigm challenge humanity faces from a systems thinking perspective;
  • Describe the challenges of teaching for global citizenship and sustainability;
  • Identify best practice examples for effectively integrating sustainability education into schools;
  • Demonstrate effective use and application of systems thinking tools and methods to enhance learning within the curriculum;
  • Analyze, evaluate and assess their own personal context and sphere of influence within their school and outside education-related network towards contributing to system transformation in alignment with sustainability education goals;
  • Have a personal systems action plan, built on a systems thinking approach and focused on their own sphere of influence towards effectively supporting sustainability within their school and in their education networks.

Who should attend:

Educators who have a firm understanding and practical experience with using the Compass Education tools and systems thinking in their classroom.

(Click picture to download workshop flyer)

Workshop fee: 

Early bird US$299 / S$399 until 5 April;  From 6 April US$339 / S$449*

*Course fees include certificate of attendance, workshop materials, a notepad and snacks and lunch. There is a 5% discount if you are registering five or more participants. There is a 10% discount for ten participants or more.

Payment in US dollars by PayPal

Payment in US dollars by PayPal




Payment in SG dollars by cheque or PayPal

Payment in SG dollars by cheque or PayPal





For more details about the workshop (timetable, direction, hotels etc.) visit the UWCSEA Centre of Education.

Workshop Trainer

Robert Steele

Robert Steele is the founder and Director of Systainability Asia, a regional consulting and training company that works to build institutional and human build capacity and systems that contribute to organizational and community sustainability.

Robert is also co-founder and team leader of a regional team of professional educators with Compass Education, a US registered non-profit working to embed sustainability and systems thinking into education systems through curriculum, pedagogy, student empowerment and a whole school approach. Robert’s formal education background is in geology, ecology and natural resource management, with a strong practical background in experiential learning and environmental education.

He has worked in the Asia region for the past 18 years with national and regional NGOs, various UN agencies, national governments, universities, schools, and private sector companies. Robert enjoys working with inspiring and passionate people, especially educators and youth. Robert’s passion and concentration is now focused on application of systems thinking in education (classrooms and school management) and in the corporate world. Drawing on his interest in systems thinking he has developed a highly effective consulting and capacity building practice for those who seek successful change strategies with tangible results. Currently Robert is now pursuing his own personal development in permaculture and sustainable living practice in northern Thailand.


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