1-Day Workshop

This 1-day Better Teaching and Learning for a Better World workshop is specially designed for Early Years and Primary School teachers who want to gain understanding on sustainability and systems thinking. It will also be a great opportunity for teachers in that level to learn on how to best integrate sustainability learning for young learners in the classroom using Compass and Systems Thinking tools and methods that is specially modified to meet that purposes.

~ Equipping Young Learners with Sustainable Habits of Mind ~

Expected outcomes from the workshop are that the participants will gain:

  • Understanding the opportunity to build good habits in terms of sustainability now (in and through the Early Years and Primary grades)
  • Understanding that Compass is a thinking tool that can be used and adapted in many ways to achieve curricular outcomes
  • Understanding that Compass helps students understand Nature’s connection to the other aspects of life
  • Understand practical applications for inside and outside the classroom (see how the Compass can strengthen what the teachers already do in the classroom)

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