Whole School Training

Compass Education’s training is designed to build capacity within educational institutions to model sustainability habits of mind. Our Whole-School Approach training is intended for those who will be part of a school-wide sustainability leadership team, potentially including board members, administrators, sustainability or environmental coordinators, curriculum coordinators, teaching and support staff, parents and students. By using this approach schools practice what they teach, and sustainability is reinforced in policy and actions; consequently, sustainability values are ‘caught, rather than taught.’

Compass Education provides sustainability and systems thinking training for school sustainability leaders to engage with the entire school community through the five portals of governance, operations, networks and partnerships, teaching and learning, and buildings and grounds.

Compass Education Course 1: Whole School Sustainability Foundations

IMG_4173Designed as an initial step in pursuing whole school sustainability.

These stakeholders will acquire the foundational knowledge and skills for the school alignment process. Participants will learn the theory of a whole-school sustainability approach, and get hands-on practice using the tools and processes required to lead and manage effective change for sustainability. This includes: whole-school sustainability systems self-assessment, whole-school indicator development, implementation of systems thinking tools and models, action planning models, and strategies for implementing the change process.

Course participants will walk away with a firm understanding of whole-school sustainability and how to start and/or strengthen their own school’s efforts.

Compass Education Course 2:  Whole School Sustainability Toolkit

Designed for a school sustainability leadership team and other school community members who will be involved in leading whole-school sustainability efforts.

Building on Course 1, this course will cover the key steps and processes in integrating sustainability into all areas of a school. Participants will understand clearly how the Sustainability Compass and ISIS Accelerator work together as a whole school management toolkit, providing effective and realistic structures and points for effecting positive, measurable change. This includes: stakeholder engagement and management, utilizing schol indicators, benchmarking against best practice, reporting on whole school sustainability, whole school action planning, and additional strategies for leading change.

Course participants will come away from this course with the capacity as individuals, and a team, to successfully implement whole school sustainability.