Compass Trainer – Gitanjali Paul


Gitanjali Paul is a High School Social Studies educator. For the past six years, she has worked at the International School Manila (ISM) in the Philippines. In both her capacity as a teacher and as High School Environmental Coordinator, she endeavours to engage students with sustainability. Gitanjali focuses on student empowerment through familiarity with the VISIS toolkit, especially the compass perspectives and systems thinking tools integral to the ISIS process. She has trained students to utilize these tools for events ranging from a full school sustainable planning initiative to student-focused events such as ISM’s annual student leadership training and the Global Issues Network Manila Conference. Prior to working at ISM, Gitanjali split her schooling between international schools in South India and the Greater Boston Area. She studied educational inequalities as part of her B.A. in Peace and Justice Studies from Tufts University and gained her PGCE From the University of Sunderland. Her passion for education for sustainable development stems from a belief that only when equipped with an understanding of systems thinking and sustainability can an individual make informed decisions about one’s own life and future. When not working, Gitanjali enjoys photography, baking and meditation.