About Michael Lees


Michael has enjoyed an eclectic professional journey, including roles as a restaurateur, flight instructor, drama/science/math teacher, community service coordinator, guidance counsellor, school administrator and educational consultant. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in educational leadership with a focus on service learning cultures in international schools. Having been anesthetized by suburban Canada in his early life, Michael kept his sanity by living vicariously through National Geographic magazine articles, and television specials by Jacque Cousteau and Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. His quest to explore this ‘pale blue dot’ has led him to meet some truly inspiring people from around the globe. The past two-plus decades in international school settings has provided the opportunity to participate in some exceptionally rewarding and transformative community service learning experiences for both him and his students.

Michael’s passion lies in bridging the islands of our individual efforts and building collaborative networks of people who seek to effect positive sustainable change in their communities and beyond. Michael is the founder of the Global Issues Service Summit in Africa and is excited to be heading to Cuba in 2016 to assume the helm as the new Director of the International School of Havana.