Companies large and small have used the Sustainability Compass in the following ways:

  • Performance Assessment. The Compass Assessment is a service to companies provided by AtKisson Sustainability, the consulting division of AtKisson Group, and by our Affiliates around the world. The Assessment provides you with comprehensive feedback on you sustainability strategy, governance, and management. The Compass Assessment looks at policy, goal-setting, progress measurement, and how well sustainability values and practices are embedded in every part of the business. It also provides comparative benchmark scoring on these questions, showing how your company measures up against market leaders.
  • Stakeholder Engagement. Compass provides an ideal platform for identifying internal and/or external stakeholders, convening them, and integrating their views into a sustainability management process.
  • Management Framework. The Sustainability Compass provides a comprehensive, intuitive framework for sustainability management that can help unite different parts of a business around a common set of goals, categories, and vocabulary.
  • Decision Support. The Sustainability Compass can be used as a reflection tool for approaching complex problems affecting areas such as personnel management, logistics, and decisions such as which energy system is most appropriate for your business.
  • Training and Executive Briefing. The Compass gives structure to employee training on sustainability, and helps you make sense of complex market trends. It also provides the basis for ISIS Academy training offerings such as “Competitive Sustainability” and the sustainable business simulation game, “Green&Great“.

To find out more about how your business can use Compass, please contact us and we will send you an information pack.