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Students Teach Teachers about Sustainability at DAIS


by Michael E. Baldwin This summer eighteen Dalian American International School (DAIS) students took part in leadership training and then provided professional development for the entire teaching staff of the school on sustainability. The leadership training which took place on August 5-6, 2015, was offered to students who demonstrated interest in leadership through summer internships […]

Conservation of the Bali Starlings in the Compass Model

The Compass model is an invaluable tool to help students become systems thinkers looking at the big picture of our world and its interconnections. As an educator with a degree in ‘Educating for Sustainability’ and teaching at a school focused on environmental and sustainable education, I have found the Compass model to be one of […]

Promoting Student Leadership for Sustainable Change: Compass Tools at GINila 2014

GINila2014_systems map 2

Eighty students; four global issues; two days; and one goal. On September 5 and 6 of this year at the International School Manila (ISM), delegates from six local high schools joined together to take part in the first annual Global Issues Network Manila Conference. Affectionately known as GINila, this student-led conference strived to empower participants […]

Compassing Dolphinariums at International School Bangkok


Recently, International School Bangkok (ISB), became interested in the issue of dolphin captivity, particularly as it pertains to the capture and use of wild dolphins for aquariums. To understand this issue and the factors related to it, ISB’s Grade 3 classes (age 8) used the Sustainability Compass as a lens to explore and investigate this […]

Prem Tinsulanonda International School (PTIS) Using the Compass to Support Strategic Planning

Prem Tinusulanonda International School (PTIS) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has sustainability at the core of its vision: ‘We are a caring international community living and learning together for a sustainable future.’ Prem is proud to be the first Compass School and aims to prepare students for a future of increasing cross-cultural independence, rapid technological change […]

Student-led Sustainability Initiatives at Dominican International School, Taipei, Taiwan

The Ideal of Green & Sustainable at Dominican Int

After Dominican International School sent 26 delegates to the Global Issues Network (GIN) conference in Manila in February 2012, students across the school have become even more invested in sustainability initiatives. This article outlines several exciting projects students have undertaken. Dominican International School held a Pyramid building day in January 2013, described in a separate post. […]

Pyramid Day at Dominican International School


“Pyramid is a tool one can use with groups of any kind to learn more about sustainability — locally, or globally. One can also use it to create sustainable development ideas and projects. The process is fun, fast-paced, and productive. Pyramid is a workshop tool that has been used around the world, with companies, government agencies, […]

Exploring Compass Portals to Infuse Sustainable Thinking and Practices

Being a Compass School implies a commitment to live, to strategize and to provide opportunities to think about sustainability across the whole institution. The portals of sustainability remind practicing schools that             Leadership and Governance,             Operations and Support Services,             Teaching and Learning,             Buildings and […]