Compass Practitioners

This is the community of educators and school administrators who have successfully completed 6 out of 6 modules and certification requirements of Level 1 “Practitioner” certification workshop. They are now recognized and certified as Compass Practitioner and eligible to obtain an Accelerator Lite License by the AtKisson Group to use the tools and methods for education purposes.


Name: Erin Wise-Ackenbom
Role/Position: EAL Teacher/specific to HS Science
Portfolio: Dorm Leadership
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Name: Luke Whitehouse
Role/Position: Head of Grade 4
Portfolio: Grade Four Business Unit of Study: Goods and Services
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Name: Michael E. Baldwin Ed.D.
Role/Position: Curriculum Specialist
Portfolio: DAIS Sustainability Efforts with Sustainability Compass and the Pyramid Light
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Name: Michelena Naud McPherson
Area of Interest: Gifted and Talented Education, Environmental Education, Project based Learning
Portfolio: Grade 4 Production Chains (Industry)
Name: Suzanne Loughran
Area of Interest: Systems Thinking at the organizational & classroom levels
Portfolio: –
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Name: Zoe Perry
Role/Position: Science Coordinator
Portfolio: –
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Name: Samantha Holland
Area of Interest: Music in Primary and Middle School
Portfolio: Grade 5 Music – We Can Make a Difference (Songwriting)
Name: Gilles Collong
Area of Interest: Language Teaching
Portfolio: Grade 8 French – Imperfect Tense in French
Name: Patrick Renouf
Area of Interest: Primary Education
Portfolio: Grade 5 Science & Humanities – Energy & Exhibition of Learning
Name: Rose Paterson
Area of Interest: Primary Education
Portfolio: Year 4 Geography – Global Guardian
Name: William Jones
Area of Interest: Current Issues in Society, History, Service Learning
Portfolio: Grade 12 Social Studies – How to Deal with Those Who Discriminate Against Others
Name: Sal Gordon
Area of Interest: Sustainability Education, Science-Maths Middle School, School Leadership
Portfolio: Grade 7 Science – Hunger and Nutrition
Name: Mattie Annette Jackson
Area of Interest: Mother Tongue Language Development, Service Learning
Portfolio: Language Pathways in Secondary School
Name: Mike Horrocks
Area of Interest: Experiential Education, Local and Global Issues
Portfolio: Mistreatment of Elephants
Name: Leanne Raeside
Area of Interest: Primary Education
Portfolio: Year 2 Humanities – The 17 Sustainable Goals
Name: Martin Spreckley
Area of Interest: Social & Environmental Entrepreneurship, Service Learning, Systems Thinking
Portfolio: Grade 8 SEED – Introduction to the SDGs, Sustainability and Systems Thinking
Name: Jennipher Spector
Area of Interest: Service Learning, Environmental Education, Learning Support
Portfolio: Student Project – Solutions for the problem of wastefulness of restaurants in Bali, Indonesia
Name: Ruby Tan
Area of Interest: Service Learning, Environmental Education, Mindfulness
Portfolio: Service Learning – Understanding Hands On as a Service
Name: Chris Brodie
Area of Interest: Curriculum Development, Strategic Planning
Portfolio: Year 7 English Acquitition – Globalization & Sustainability
Name: Mare Stewart
Area of Interest: Service Learning
Portfolio: Service Learning – Global Issues are Interconnected
Name: Katina Grigoraskos
Area of Interest: Service Learning, Social Entrepreneurship, Curriculum Development, Sustainability, Systems Thinking
Portfolio: “The Young Changemakers Project” Creating Social Enterprises to Make a Difference
Name: Belinda Ringpfeil
Area of Interest: Environmental Education, Marine/Ocean Education, Wildlife Education
Portfolio: Grade 1 – Why are animal habitats important? How can we protect animal habitats?
Name: Joneta Loo
Area of Interest: Service Learning, Sustainability Education
Portfolio: Grade 8 Community Project – Actions We Take Can Have Long-term Effects

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