Compass Schools

Education is the key transformer to a more sustainable world. Compass Schools is a collaborative movement to embed sustainability as a core mindset and value system in schools and educational systems.

Definition of sustainability: a set of system conditions in which people can flourish indefinitelyGraduates from schools in which sustainability is deeply understood and fully embraced will be instrumental in discovering how we can successfully decouple economic growth from environmental degradation, ensure socially equitable and just development for everyone, restore and regenerate vital life-supporting ecosystems, and reorient the global agenda from a primary focus on GDP to one that is focused on significantly improving overall human happiness and wellbeing.

To facilitate this collaborative movement, Compass Education offers School Sustainability Leadership Training to equip the entire learning community to effectively understand and act for sustainability. Sustainability is articulated in all aspects of the school learning community, through the five portals of governance, operations, networks and partnerships, teaching and learning, and buildings and grounds.

By using a whole-school approach schools practice what they teach, and sustainability is reinforced in policy and actions; consequently, sustainability values are ‘caught, rather than taught.’


CompassSchools buttonLearn how to apply this whole-school approach to sustainability education.


Compass Schools

  • share the Compass Education vision for sustainability

  • utilize the Compass Education knowledge, skills, tools and methods to transform education as sustainability throughout the learning community

  • report regularly both to its own school community and the Compass Education network on current status and continual plan for improvement

  • actively contribute to sharing resources and growing the network