Compass Youth Camp, 21-28 June 2017, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Compass Youth Leadership Camp (CYC) is designed by youth for youth. Based on the foundations of systems thinking and sustainability, this unique camp will help participants to be powerful and effective change makers in their communities.

Camp Details

21-28 June 2017 at Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Participants arrive on 21 June late morning-afternoon and leave on the 29th morning-afternoon.
USD 800 for 7 days includes accommodation, meals, group accident insurance, airport & local transport during camp (excluding fare to and from Chiang Mai)

  • Youth aged 14-18 years old
  • Interested in sustainability and global issues
  • Passionate in becoming an effective change agent
  • Willing to participate in community service

Application open until 5 June. Applicants who get through the selection process will be informed via email for next registration process within 2 weeks after application submission.
Scholarships are available through a rigorous selection process. If you are interested, you must submit the completed application form by April 26 the latest. Scholarship applicants will then be emailed by CYC team to schedule an interview as part of the selection process.
CYC team of facilitators consists of Compass youth leaders who have had completed Compass Education Youth Empowerment training and have significant experiences in facilitating the Sustainability Compass and Systems Thinking tools. Click here to find out more about this year’s CYC facilitators.
Send email to for inquiries regarding the camp, scholarship and application


If you can’t access the Sign Up button or GoogleForm, click here to download CYC 2017 application form and send the completed form via email to

group workGain language, tools and skills to be a more effective changemaker in your school and community through…

  • Local community sustainability analysis and
  • Outdoor education & team-building
  • Rural community homestay
  • Collaborative action planning for Sustainable
  • Becoming a sustainability & systems thinking
    workshop facilitator
  • School sustainability change agentry

Our camp is run by youth for youth so you can learn from first-hand experiences of proven youth leaders.   If you enjoy it, you can apply to come back next year and help facilitate!

The Camp will consist of four different parts:

These workshops, lead by recent high school graduates with a rich diversity of experience using Compass Tools to shape their community, will be interactive sessions on systems thinking, sustainability and the variety of Compass Tools participants can walk away with to use in their own clubs, classes and communities at home.

Community Engagement
Since the camp is based in beautiful and and dynamic Chiang Mai, with the help of the Visiting Schools Program and Traidhos Three Generation Community for Learning, participants will embark to learn more about how Compass Tools can be applied to real life situations and challenges. Participants will have a chance to explore, enjoy and share ideas with members of the local community.

What good are workshops and lessons without chances for real life application? In addition to visiting a local community, students will have several simulation sessions where they will be pushed to try out new concepts and ideas to see how they impact their effectiveness as change agents!

Action Plan Development
Every camper will walk away from CYC with an action plan for how they can use their new skills and knowledge to enhance their presence in their own community. Whether these are plans to address local global issues, instigate a sustainable service project or “green” their school, all participants will leave with a set of “next steps”. Participants who go back to their school and attempt to implement their plans will even have the option to apply to come back next year as camp facilitators and further enhance their abilities as sustainability system thinkers and change agents!


Camp Facilitators

NAIA (Head of Youth Facilitator)
After two years of training, I am excited to take on the new challenge of head facilitator at this year’s CYC. Working with Compass Education to develop a better understanding of sustainability has helped me see the world differently, and with this knowledge I feel that I have grown into a more mindful and aware individual. I believe that through systems thinking, everyone has the ability to create change that can help move society towards sustainability. By being introduced to methods of systems thinking, and learning how to tackle issues with those methods it becomes possible to solve complex issues and move toward dynamic equilibrium.
The greatest value of CYC comes from working together to deepen our understanding and use of these methods. I look forward to envisioning a more sustainable future together as peers.

KOH (Youth Facilitator)
Hey guys! My name is Koh, and I’m a Japanese student studying in Prem Tinsulanonda International School in Thailand. My school is actually where the camp is taking place at this year. I first attended the CYC camp 2 years ago as an attendee and then last year as a media intern, so I’m confident enough to say that I know the camp well. I also know that you guys will have a lot of fun :) I’m a very cheerful and approachable guy so don’t be shy when the you meet me and I am sure we’ll get along well.

RASNAM (Youth Facilitator)
My name is Rasnam, and I am currently a student at Prem Tinsulanonda International School in Chiang Mai and I will be a facilitator at the CYC 2017. I am a Thai-Indian, born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I decided to leave home to attend a boarding school 3 years ago in Chiang Mai. My friends would describe me as friendly and outgoing as I enjoy getting to know people and making new friends. I attended the compass youth camp in Chiang Mai last year which sparked my interest in sustainability, since then I have been trying to take a more active role in my community. Other than that I enjoy reading and playing the piano, as well as travelling. An interesting fact about me, I speak 5 languages, English (of course), Thai, Hindi, Punjabi, and I am currently studying French. I look forward to attending the camp and meeting like minded campers from all over the world.

ABHINAV (Youth Facilitator)
I believe sustainability is instrumental to leading a better life for out future generations, and it looks at the world and its problems in a more holistic way.
Hobbies – Cooking, Drumming, Rugby and Badminton
Interesting Fact – I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do

NORITO (Media Facilitator)
I will be a media facilitator at CYC this year. I’m 16, I was born in Japan but was raised in the U.S. and now live as a boarding student at PREM. I care about sustainability because it’s our future, with the world going through global warming we have to try to do everything we can to stop it and I believe that sustainability is the main response. I went to the CYC camp last year in 2016 so I have experience in all the tools that the students will be learning this year. I will also be taking videos and photos during the whole camp to put onto different sites that CYC is on as well as help lead activities that are related to the compass tools. An interesting fact about me is that I’ve finished 6 marathons, my first one being when I was 6. I look forward to seeing all of the new people that are coming who are interested in sustainability this year.

CYC 2016 Video & Photo Gallery

 Video by Koh, CYC 2016 Media Facilitator

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CYC 2015 Photo Gallery

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Camp FAQs 

What type of company is leading the trip?

Compass Education is a leading actor in the global movement to transform learning, thinking and action by students, teachers, administrators and education institutions in order to contribute to building a floursihing and sustainable future for all. For more information about Compass Education, visit
This camp is being run in collaboration with Traidhos Three Generation Community for Learning is
hosting and Traidhos Visiting Schools Program (VSP) is the host location for the camp and providing
logistics support. Traidhos is a provider of school field trips and summer camps for over 7,000 students
each year. Many international and private schools around the world use Traidhos as their educational trip provider. For more information about VSP, visit

Where will the camp be held?

Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning is on a 100-acre campus 25 kilometers north of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The campus hosts a farm, olympic-sized swimming pool, gym, playing fields, campfire circle, bike paths, cafeteria, small convenience store. The campus is shared with the Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Visiting Schools Program, sports academies and residential facilities. CYC participants will stay in comfortable double-room dormitory rooms on campus with adult supervisor. The camp will include a village stay, students will be separated into gender groups and housed in purpose built houses in the village. We hope to expose students to the village way of life as much as is possible. Bathrooms in the villages are usually local style with water to bathe with provided in a large barrel or cement container. In all cases bedding is provided. Accompanying teachers from school supervise after lights out times.

What is covered in the camp cost?

The USD 800 camp fee covers all room, board, meals, group accident insurance, airport transfer and local transport for the camp. Participants are responsible for travel to and from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and incidental expenses. Please note that camp fee does not include the following costs:

  • Travel expenses between your home and Chiang Mai airport and vice-versa, including travel insurance for both legs of the journey. Our insurance policy is only effectual from the time we meet you at the airport on the first day until the time we drop you off on the final day.
  • Visa (not all nationalities have to pay – please check well in advance of your trip for details on visas for entering Thailand).
  • Personal spending money, for example snacks, drinks and souvenirs. We will visit the Night Bazaar on one evening, when we will give you a small allowance for your meal but you may wish to bring extra money for shopping.

Where can I find more detailed schedules and outcomes for the camp?

For more info on the camp schedules and modules, please visit our the camp webpage

What are the qualifications of the adults in charge of the camp?

Traidhos’ VSP staff are all graduate outdoor or environmental education providers. All have police checks and current first aid or wilderness first aid qualifications. In addition, Compass Education Staff are qualified and experienced international school teachers and education professionals.

What are the qualifications of the facilitators?

Facilitators are youth (age 18-25) who have prior experience utilization Compass Tools in both curricular and co-curricular settings. They have demonstrated a high level of ability with these and can share their experiences using them in community with camp participants. They will be collaborating with Compass Education and VSP staff to plan and run the camp.

How is participant wellbeing assured during the camp?

Traidhos staff hold current qualifications in first aid, good clean food kitchen certificate awarded by local government office. We run trips year round and many schools return annually. Drivers are licensed and are randomly breathalyzed . Vans have seatbelts and regular maintenance.
All attending youth will be asked to sign and have their parents co-sign to say students will respect facilitators and boundaries a responsible global citizens, but that we reserve the right to send anyone home if they are deemed to be a risk to themselves or others.

What are the health and medical provisions in case of emergency?

Traidhos has a medical clinic on campus with licensed nurses on duty 24-hours a day. Traidhos has an ambulance on campus and hospital within 20 kilometers. Field staff are certified in wilderness first aid and CPR and travel with continuous communication devices with evacuation procedures in place.

What types of parental permissions are required?

Parents/guardians will be required to give consent for their child to attend the CYC that will include agreement to make arrangements for them to return home early if behavior or attitude is detrimental to the well-being and safety of the other campers or themselves. Parents will also be asked to give consent for use of photos on internet social media and publications.

Where can I find risk assessment information?

Traidhos campus has continuous risk-assessments with standard operating procedures for emergency evacuation, security breach, flood and fire evacuation. Risk assessment information is available on request. Please send an email to
For more information about facilities at Traidhos, please go to

When does the camp responsibility begin? At the airport in Chiang Mai? Youth get there on their

Camp responsibility begins upon arrival in Chiang Mai and ends upon departure when taken to the Chiang Mai Airport. CYC representatives will meet participants at the airport or train station with Traidhos van for transportation to campus. Participants are signed in upon arrival.

When is payment due?

Fees are due in full with acceptance of application and must be paid before 5 June 2017. Payment instructions would be sent upon acceptance into the camp. Cancellation with minimum 50% refund by 12 June. Please contact organiser for emergency cancellation.

How does the insurance and liability for this trip work?

Traidhos provides group limited liability accident insurance to registered participants for the duration of the camp. In the case of an accident the individual will be taken to the hospital and claims are filed by Traidhos according to the insurance policy.
Please note that we only provide accident insurance from pick up in Chiang Mai. Participants should consider purchasing their own medical and travel insurance.

When should participants plan to arrive and leave Chiang Mai?

The Camp will be on June 21-28 June 2017. We will hold a welcome BBQ dinner for all participants and facilitators. Therefore we expect all participants to arrive in Chiang Mai on 21 June late morning – afternoon. Participants will be met by CYC or Traidhos representatives upon arrival at the airport.

All camp activities will end on 28 June evening. Participants can depart on the 29th morning – afternoon. Please note airport transfer cost is included in the paid fee.

Download CYC 2017 FAQs here

Flights to Chiang Mai, Thailand (as of December 2014)

Bangkok, Thailand 1h 15m Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, AirAsia (Don Muang)
Beijing, China 5h 20m Air China
Chengdu, China 2h 50m China Eastern
Chongqing, China 3h 20m Shandong
Guangzhou, China 2h 55m China Southern
Hangzhou, China 4h 10m Thai AirAsia
Hong Kong 3h 0m Thai AirAsia, Dragonair, Hong Kong Express
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2h 45m AirAsia
Kunming, China 1h 30m China Eastern
Luang Prabang, Laos 1h 0m Lao Airlines
Macau 2h 50m Thai AirAsia
Mandalay, Myanmar 1h 25m Bangkok Airways
Seoul, South Korea 5h 50m Korean Air, Business Air
Shanghai, China 4h 20m Junyao, China Eastern, Spring
Singapore 3h 0m Silkair, Tiger Air
Taipei, Taiwan 5h 0m TransAsia
Wuhan, China 3h 20m Air China
Yangon, Myanmar 1h 25m Bangkok Airways, Air Bagan

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