The Sustainability Compass has been used as part of several inter-governmental planning processes, as well as incorporated into training programs and seminars delivered to government agencies at the national, state, and city level.

Examples include:

  • Use of the Compass as an analysis tool for the indicators of northern Europe’s Baltic 21 initiative (this was part of a larger strategic intiative that also included use of a tool called “Pyramid” – see PyramidU for more information)
  • Inclusion of Compass in training programs for government officials, in areas such as water management planning, coastal development planning, and environmental regulation
  • Development of full regional indicator sets, using the Sustainability Compass framework, in places like New Orleans/Southeast Louisiana, and the six-county Pittsburgh region, USA

The Sustainability Compass began its life as a framework for city-based indicator development. For government, it is now a proven method for supporting stakeholder engagement, developing indicators and measures of sustainability, and communicating sustainability to diverse audience.

For more information about using Compass in governmental or inter-governmental programs, please contact us.