Level 1 Workshop @ NIST International School, March 2016

A group of passionate educators joined us on a learning journey of Level 1 Compass Education training workshop on March 12-13, 2016, hosted by the Professional Learning Hub of NIST International School. The workshop was facilitated by our trainers Cindy Chen and Lynda Rolph with nine educators with the passion to bring sustainability and systems thinking into their own practices and context in the schools.

We are very honored to have had the addition of Anmar and Kelly, two researchers from Blekinge Institute of Technology, flying all the way from Sweden bringing in fresh perspective of sustainability and connecting with like-minded educators. The rest of the participants are based in Thailand from various international schools, and expressed great interest in implementing Compass Education tools into their individual contexts ranging from classroom teaching, experiential learning, and after-school clubs. We explored the tools through many case studies and mainly focused on how they can support student learning on the secondary level. At the end of this workshop, one of the participants says, “I used to think it would be difficult to foster hope for my students but now I see that the compass framework and the iceberg tool give ways to set aside emotion, explicitly find the driving forces and so find the leverage points. AtKisson’s analogy re the evolution of the word ‘democracy’ helped too.”


Creative educators demonstrating “What is a system?”

Majority of the educators are with the background of science of MYP and DP levels, which allowed sharing and collaboration of resources and ideas to bring back. Many participants expressed that they enjoyed the last module of the workshop, the Gilman’s Equation module which we modified in Level 1, allowing them to dig deeper into the newly gained concepts and tools as take-aways from the learning experience together as a collaborative group. We truly look forward to hear more from the participants as a community of Compass Practitioners, and hope to keep in touch in sharing reflections and resources. We hope to see everyone in our upcoming Compass Education Level 2 training!


Marking the end of a learning journey, but the beginning of friendship, sharing, and community of #CompassPractitioner.

Written by Cindy Chen & Lynda Rolph, March 2016

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  1. Was a lovely experience! I am so glad that I had the chance to participate in this exciting workshop!

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