Level 1 Workshop, NIST International School, March 2017


Socrates is attributed with having stated, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel” and so it was that nine committed educators gathered at the Professional Learning Hub of NIST International School over the weekend of 18 – 19 March 2017, to fan the fire of their quests to develop a deeper understanding of sustainability and to equip themselves with the tools needed to continue their journeys of discovery back in their own classrooms in Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Using the Compass Education Level 1 Practitioners material, the group explored and practiced the Compass Education tools including the Compass, Iceberg, Pyramid Lite, Behaviour-over- time graphs and the Gilman’s Equation, to deepen their understanding of sustainability as a habit of mind. They were also reminded of good teaching strategies that engage students in critical thinking and in reflecting on their learning.

Participants commented: “I really enjoyed my time at this workshop. Sometimes we can walk away and feel that time was not well spent, or that aims stated were not met. I do not feel this way about the Compass Course.” And, “I know how to incorporate the Compass, Global Goals and Systems Thinking. I also have some amazing resources to take home with me.”

We look forward to hearing the stories of how the materials and concepts play out in their classrooms in the coming weeks and months and in welcoming participants back to think further during the Level 2 course in the future.

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Written by Lynda Rolph, 2017, while serving as Compass Trainer at the Level 1 Workshop in Bangkok

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