The Sustainability Compass has been used in many other ways, by a wide variety of organizations (as well as individuals), to help them find their way to a more sustainable future. For example:

  • In Switzerland, a not-for-profit organization adopted Compass to help unemployed people find new career paths. They created a special Compass-based tool that their individual clients and case-workers could use to assess people’s strengths and interests, and support them in planing their job search.
  • In Seattle, a venture capital fund used Compass as the basis for a sophisticated assessment tool that would help them pick companies that were good investments — not just from a financial perspective, but also from a sustainability perspective.
  • In Poland, a new simulation game developed for the business market (called “Green & Great,” created by the Center for System Solutions in Wroclaw) has the Compass built into its interface and its scoring system. Players learn to think in Compass terms, in order to run their simulated companies more successfully.

The Sustainability Compass is an exceptionally flexible, adaptable, and powerful tool, and its potential uses have certainly not been exhausted. If you have ideas for new ways to use the Sustainability Compass, please contact us.