Our CoP

Community of Practice (CoP) is group of Compass practitioners, educators and trainers worldwide who have similar goals to empower students to be deep thinkers with a more global perspective through Sustainability and Systems Thinking. They have successfully and completed modules and certification requirements of Compass Education’s certification workshops. This community is also a place to connect and share their experience on embedding Sustainability and Systems Thinking into day-to-day teaching and learning practice.

Visit our Community of Practice (CoP) to see list of practitioners and educators in the community including their work in educating and acting for a flourishing and sustainable world.

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Do you have any experience of using the Sustainability Compass and Systems Thinking tools in your classroom? Share your Compass Story or Compass Lesson Plan with us at team@compasseducation.org and we will publish it on our Teaching and Learning Resource page. Fellow educators will benefit from your insights and ideas!