Tools & Resources

Here you will find links to books, websites, videos and papers that describe or feature the Sustainability Compass in more detail.

First, we recommend that you read Alan AtKisson’s book The Sustainability Transformation (2010), which includes an extensive introduction to the Sustainability Compass.

If you would like to explore the professional Compass application, which is part of the ISIS Accelerator suite of sustainability tools, click here to be forwarded to the Accelerator page on the AtKisson Group website.

If you are an educator, be sure to check out the Compass Schools program.If you are interested in engaging the AtKisson Group, or any of its Affiliates around the world, to help you train, plan, or assess sustainability, using the Compass and other tools, please click here to contact us.

The first academic paper on the Compass was published in the Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, Vol. 3, No. 4 (December 2001). This paper is available online here:

A video where Alan AtKisson describes the first public use of the Compass — as a the framework for a set of sustainability indicators for the city of Orlando, Florida, USA, in 2000 — produced by an Australian government agency, is available on YouTube.

A five-year assessment of the Compass was presented at an international conference on sustainability indicators hosted by the Swiss government in 2005. To download a copy of that conference paper, click here.