Compass and Accelerator Tools

Transforming Education and Schools for Sustainability

Changing or shifting our dominant thinking paradigm that will usher in a sustainable world will require some reorientation of how we learn. The AtKisson Accelerator is a suit of tools with which educators can chart a new course in …

teaching and learning, and

how educational institutions themselves govern and function.

Compass Education provides educators with tools that enable teachers to effectively integrate sustainability into any lesson or activity and allows students to see the world as the interconnected whole that it is, and not just as reducible and isolated pieces from one perspective.

Compass Education’s Compendium of Tools is a guide that provides a summary of tools that Compass Education’s promotes and trains educators and students to use in learning to participate in building a sustainable future.


CompassOrientation, Note taking, Inquiry and Question Formulation, Comparative Analysis, Synthesis, Envisioning, Stakeholder Engagement, Management, and Assessment are some of the educational uses of the Sustainability Compass. This tool is essentially a thinking and orientation frame or lens for sustainability. It translates the complexity of the world into four simple to remember directional points (N, E, S, W), which translate into the four key dimensions of sustainability: Nature, Economy, Society, and Well-being.



PyramidThe PYRAMID is a highly effective process tool for running Sustainability Workshops and group processes focused on Learning, Project or Action Planning, and Developing Consensus on Action. 
“Building the Pyramid” is a can be used in different ways: as an introductory training on sustainable development; as a planning workshop for creating new initiatives, projects, visions, or strategies; and as a multi-stakeholder process for building consensus around a course of action. It can even do all three of these things at the same time. For a free, simplified version, visit the website of our Pyramid 2030 Initiative.


AmoebaInnovation, Change Planning, Developing “Change Agents” for Sustainability “Amoeba” includes a set of tools for accelerating innovation, planning for change, and building competence in the art of change agentry. It includes a set of analysis tools and models, a training workshop with a roll-playing simulation game, and worksheets designed to support strategic thinking, planning, and decision making around how to introduce and spread innovative ideas in a culture or organization.


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