Results from 2015 Compass Youth Camp (CYC)

One of the outcomes of CYC 2015 was every camp participant was able to collaboratively produce an Action Plan Projects from Dara Ang community sustainability observation, analysis and assessment. They were also able to give presentation about their action plans to the hill tribe representatives. CYC 2015 examples of action plan projects as follows:

  1. Welcoming Organic Restoration of Mother Nature (WORM) Action Plan. Their idea was to work together with experts and local community to promote sustainable farming in tribes around Chiang Mai so they would have more fertile land to work on with less water.
  2. Project CORNsultant. Their mission was to enhance the reach of the Royal Project within the community by developing a stronger partnership between the villagers and the Royal Project, and establishing initiatives that enhance crop productivity.

What else happened after the CYC 2015?

  • Am and Mighty from NIST International School used skills and knowledge they gained from the camp to facilitate a fun and engaging systems thinking session to Grade 6 students, introducing them to the Sustainability Compass and the theme of interconnectedness.

  • Sara Tennant, WORM group member and Grade 10 student of PTIS, with a group of PTIS students are currently working together with Traidhos Farm and Dara Ang community to follow up on WORM action plan project.
  • Am Chunnananda, HS student of NIST International School, presented “Taking Meaningful Action: The Pyramid” at Bangkok ServICE 2016 conference at Wells International School.

What did the students say about CYC 2015?

– Jason Rose Fresnedi, CYC 2015 Youth Facilitator –

CYC is definitely something all students should consider partaking in. Geared towards making measurable change, I believe the what sets CYC apart from most camps is its core of sustainable thinking. Aside from teaching peers the value of systemic solutions and the use of effective leverage points, the camp strives to make long term change possible through the action plans it develops and implements within the local community. By driving students to cause improvement in the world around them, Compass Education creates an experience that proves that learning is best done outside the classroom.

– Tegar Laga Joebhaar, CYC 2015 Participant (taken from “Learning to Lead in Changing World” article) –

This camp was a great experience for me, teaching me a number of valuable lessons: the importance of maintaining sustainability; the important skills required in leadership and how we can apply them in our daily lives. Overall it was a wonderful experience.