Do you desire to teach students to be deep thinkers with a more global perspective?  Do you wonder how and when you can fit in the big picture of global issues into your day-to-day curriculum? Learning to use the Sustainability Compass will help you to accomplish these goals in a fun and educational way.

Compass Education’s Educator Empowerment programmes are designed to build capacity among educators to integrate sustainability education into existing practice. These programmes are intended for teachers, sustainability or environmental coordinators, service learning coordinators, curriculum coordinators and those in similar roles.

We provide Sustainability and Systems Thinking introduction course for educators as well as certification course using a three level model of Practitioner, Educator and Trainer.

Join other educators with similar goals here at Compass Education and learn how to embed sustainability and systems thinking tools into what you are already teaching. We invite you to join us today!

Educater Empowerment Courses

This 1-day workshop is an introduction course for educators who want to gain understanding on sustainability and systems thinking. Participants will be introduced to the Sustainability Compass, a very effective Systems Thinking tool that can be used in many ways to help young students to grasp the concept and language of sustainability.

As a result of the workshop, educators will…


  • what sustainability is
  • that sustainability education improves learning
  • practical examples of how the Sustainability Compass has been used
  • the importance of connecting to nature
  • the importance of interdependency and relationships

Be able to:

  • use the Sustainability Compass within a classroom context
  • guide students to see connections and relationships in order to have deeper learning
  • talk about sustainability with confidence and at an appropriate level