More and more, educators and leaders are recognizing that the students in our schools are entering an increasingly interconnected world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). Schools all over the world are responding with ambitious mission and vision statements that embed innovation, service, sustainability, global citizenship, and other 21st century learning that empower our students to be successful in schools and beyond. School leaders must grapple with how to empower their teachers, students, and whole community to live up to these ideals.

School Leadership programmes are designed to equip school leaders and learning communities with tools, methodologies and strategies to fulfill the school’s mission and vision, and to accelerate the change towards a sustainable learning community. We invite school leaders to engage in our network of committed professionals aiming to equip schools for a sustainable future. By embracing sustainability as a school it not only helps to improve student learning but also creates a better world. 

Are you interested in one of these programmes and getting our trainer to help your school to achieve its mission?

School Leadership Empowerment Programmes

In this 2-day course, participants will explore the necessity and urgency for embedding systems thinking and sustainability throughout the school community, and  present practical and tested tools and strategies for leading school communities, and improving learning, through these exciting times.

As a result of the workshop, school leaders will…


  • What “whole system sustainability” means and how is it practiced in a school
  • Sustainability affects the decision making of every department and all aspects of school life
  • What sustainability leadership requires in the context of education (purpose) and school (living the mission)
  • The purpose of education is to create youth who will be global citizens and effective change agents who can shape the world

Be able to:

  • Apply Sustainability Compass/Sustainability/Systems Thinking concepts, tools and methods to school leadership  
  • Build a sense of cohesion within the school community, between departments around the practice of whole system  sustainability