What characteristics define a student leader? Strong communication; analytical prowess; adaptability? Creating a common definition for “student leadership” would be a laborious task! Incontrovertible though is the fact that many schools today encourage students to develop their leadership capacities in addition to their academic base.

“At Compass Education, we believe that student empowerment is integral to creating positive change in our world. Thus, with our student leadership resources and workshops we strive to educate students of the values of sustainability by equipping them with language and systems thinking tools they can begin to use now to direct sustainable community initiatives.”

Compass Education’s Youth Empowerment programmes are designed for Middle School and High School students to be able to effectively apply and train others (including their peers and their teachers) on sustainability through the use of the Sustainability Compass, Pyramid and Amoeba, and other Systems Thinking tools. Whether you’re interested in dissecting global issues, planning service projects or greening your school, we invite you to try our student leadership resources in your school! With tools like the Sustainability Compass, Pyramid Lite and the Amoeba, today’s learners can become strong leaders of sustainable change in their communities.

Youth Empowerment Programmes

The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a shared vision, language and roadmap to creating a more sustainable future. Through this one day symposium, participants will deepen their knowledge about the global goals, their interconnections and their impact in your community, A dynamic series of youth-led workshops, simulations and systems thinking exercises will equip you with a set of tools that can act as a compass to help navigate opportunities for meaningful community action.

The SDGs Compass Symposium can be run by your students trained as the capstone of our Student Facilitation Training or by qualified visiting Youth Leaders. 

For more information about this youth empowerment programme, contact us at team@compasseducation.org.