Here is what learning communities think about Compass Education and the Sustainability Compass tools:


Thanks for one of the most useful PD sessions I have attended in my 20+ years as a teacher! – Francis

I used to think that sustainability was just about nature and the environment and I am so excited to find it is connected to all the other Compass points and allows a deeper level of thinking in education and beyond to deal with complex issues through systems thinking. – Shani

I was really very impressed … and came out a much better teacher. The Sustainability Compass and Systems Thinking tools were simply great! – Elviz

I used to think that the concept of sustainability was a bit of a pipe dream – now I believe it is achievable. – Andrea

I used to think that sustainability was all about the Compass but now I know that it is just one tool to frame thinking and can be used along with the other thinking tools. I also didn’t think that systems thinking would be so difficult, but now I know there are a lot of factors to consider. I will need to practice this! – Jen

I am very impressed. I have heard of Compass Education before many times and have used the Compass points in my classroom. I am very impressed with the range of tools available outside of the Compass points and how the different tools could be used for a particular lesson or after school activity. – Jalal

Compass Education is a powerful tool that people can use to instill hope to anyone that wants to have or make a CHANGE. – Catherine

I am very happy with the tools being shared. They are practical and can be applied or integrated easily to the subjects I am teaching. – Romney


… the concepts that were taught to me [that] gave me a new perspective of the community I live in. It allowed me to view it in a way that I am capable of changing or improving it in any way possible. – Norito

CYC is definitely something all students should consider partaking in. Geared towards making measurable change, I believe the what sets CYC apart from most camps is its core of sustainable thinking. Aside from teaching peers the value of systemic solutions and the use of effective leverage points, the camp strives to make long term change possible through the action plans it develops and implements within the local community. By driving students to cause improvement in the world around them, Compass Education creates an experience that proves that learning is best done outside the classroom. – Jason

This camp was a great experience for me, teaching me a number of valuable lessons: the importance of maintaining sustainability; the important skills required in leadership and how we can apply them in our daily lives. Overall it was a wonderful experience. – Laga