Compass Education is a leading actor in the global movement to TRANSFORM learning, thinking and action by youth, educators, school leaders, and educational institutions, in order to contribute to building a flourishing and sustainable future for all.

LEADING ACTOR – Being at the vanguard of educational organisations working on sustainability in education

GLOBAL – Showing the extent of our reach in the next five years

MOVEMENT – A growing and viral human game changer that is quickly gaining momentum

TRANSFORMING – Striving to make positive change at the heart of the problem and the solution for building a sustainable future

LEARNING AND THINKING – Working in the realm of education through schools

ACTION – Inspiring authentic learning and action by and youth

FLOURISHING AND SUSTAINABLE – Continuing to bloom, improve over time and doesn’t undermine the conditions of its own existence

FOR ALL – the value and importance of fairness and equity that all of humanity must feel a part of and are benefiting from sustainable development


Compass Education empowers and connects learning communities to educate and act for a sustainable future.

Compass Education EMPOWERS and CONNECTS through:

  • Lead a paradigm shift based in systems thinking and sustainability
  • Systems thinking skills to embed sustainability as a “habit of mind”
  • Tools that have been used successfully in the private, corporate and government sectors to accelerate progress in systems transformation toward sustainability
  • Evidence-based methods that have been proven effective for schools in actualizing their mission statements
  • Access to networks and partnerships beyond the school environment

By LEARNING COMMUNITIES we mean schools themselves and all of their individual members (e.g. students, teachers, administrators, school support staff, parents, board).

To EDUCATE and ACT encompasses:

  • Teaching and learning skills and formation of “habits of mind” that align with what we know of sound sustainability principles and practice
  • Meaningful service learning with authentic learning outcomes and tangible connections with the local community
  • The school organization as a whole, models and practices sustainability in all aspects of its operations, so that sustainability is “caught rather than taught” (i.e. embedded in the school’s “DNA”)