Youth Leadership Training

Our Youth Empowerment programmes are designed for Middle School and High School students to be able to effectively apply and train others (including their peers and their teachers) on sustainability through the use of the AtKisson’s Sustainability Compass, Pyramid and Amoeba, and Systems Thinking tools.

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Youth today have greater access to information and technology than any previous generation, yet when bombarded with rapid change, complex global issues and polarized opinions it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless.

Compass Education’s Student Empowerment Training strengthens the capacity and confidence of students to lead meaningful dialogue and change in their community. By learning to facilitate a flexible array of systems thinking tools, games and approaches, participants will become effective facilitators of their peers, teachers and the broader community. Beyond garnering new knowledge and skills to enhance their classwork, students will learn to lead their community through meaningful activities to dissect an important issue of their choice and discuss opportunities for local meaningful action. Whether tackling the significance of one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals on a local scale, persuading and influencing peers and family members, kickstarting a campaign or action project and then assessing service projects or formulating a student body goal, this training empowers students to be effective and inspired change makers.

Coming out of the training, student participants will…

    • Have a firm understanding of the concept of sustainability its value and application to different aspects of our lives
    • Identify the presence and components of interconnected systems in our immediate and wider world
    • Recognize the premises of systems thinking, its value, and how to apply in problem analysis and solution creation
  • Build facilitation skills and techniques, both generally and specific to the Compass tools.

This course can be run on its own or in combination with the SDG Convention for Change. Student Leaders will leave equipped with both new facilitation experience and a Level One Youth Leadership Certificate.


Navigating the complex web of global issues that impact our communities can be quite the challenge. There is no clear manual for aspiring global citizens to make a positive difference in our world. Or is there?

The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a shared vision, language and roadmap to creating a more sustainable future. Through this one day symposium, participants will deepen their knowledge about the global goals, their interconnections and their impact in your community, A dynamic series of youth-led workshops, simulations and systems thinking exercises will equip you with a set of tools that can act as a compass to help navigate opportunities for meaningful community action.

The SDG Convention can be run by your students trained as the capstone of our Student Empowerment Training or by qualified visiting Youth Leaders.


Sustainable Development is key to ensuring prosperity for ourselves and our future generations. What exactly does this mean though and how can today’s youth prepare to lead for a flourishing future?

Compass Youth Camp for Leaders (CYCLe): Leading for Change is a summer camp designed and facilitated by our Compass youth leaders for youth. Based on the foundations of systems thinking, sustainability and experiential learning, this camp will help participants to be powerful and effective leaders and change-makers in their schools and communities.

This unique camp is designed for any 14-18 years old youth who is passionate about bringing sustainable and positive change to their community. This camp will develop participants knowledge and skills to be effective leadership leaders for sustainable change in their communities. Guided by peer facilitators, over eight days camper will engage in dynamic workshops on systems thinking, sustainability and leadership to gain a firm theoretical foundation as change agents. In addition, they will acquire practical experience through…

  • Hands-on leadership and team-building training,
  • Rural homestay and community assessment
  • Visiting a Chiang Mai-based sustainable initiative, and
  • Deepen their facilitation skills.

Campers will leave CYCLe equipped with workshop facilitation and ideas they can share with others and use to develop their own effective and responsible service projects at home as well as meaningfully relationships with globally minded peers from around the region. Plus, interested youth can deepen their learning and leadership experience even further in the future by returning to CYCLe or other Compass Youth training programmes as a facilitator to inspire and guide other aspiring leaders.

Watch this CYC video by Norito, CYC 2017 Media Facilitator

click here for info about 2019 CYCLe: Leading for Change!

Compass Youth Leadership Camp (CYC): Championing Sustainability

CYC Championing Sustainability is a summer camp designed and facilitated by our Compass Youth Leaders for youth aged 12-15 years old who are:

  • Looking to find their global issue passion and lead through advocacy;
  • Scholarship candidates and students from non-international schools if linguistically and financially possible.

In our hyperconnected, media-frenzied world, there is no shortage of worthy global challenges to tackle. With so many possibilities, how though can you find the one that matters to you most? This dynamic and hands-on five-day camp will help you:

  • think deeply about the global issues you care about; and
  • become a better advocate and actor to address your issue.

Using the Sustainability Compass and Systems Thinking tools as a meaningful framework, we will explore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they manifest in our everyday lives. We will visit local sites and organizations to learn about the environmental, economic and social concerns that impact individuals and shape our world. Participants will harness their experiences, learning and passion to create a personal action plan and campaign to champion sustainable progress for their cause.

During this unique camp, participants will:

  • Learn about systems thinking! A super useful tool for tackling complex global issues in a meaningful way.
  • Learning more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Learn about Balinese culture and local organizations working to address global issues.
  • Develop your ability to be a leader for sustainable change.
  • Create a personal action plan to tackle the global issue of your choice.

Camp Goals: Every camper will leave with a product (video, speech, infographic, skit, etc.) they can share to help them be a leader in addressing one of the SDGs or an issue of their choosing to positively impact their community.

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