Youth Leadership Training

Our Youth Empowerment training programmes are designed for Middle School and High School students to be able to effectively apply and train others (including their peers and their teachers), on sustainability through the use of the AtKisson’s Sustainability Compass, Pyramid and Amoeba tools, and Systems Thinking.

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Compass Youth Leadership Camp (CYC)

Compass Youth Leadership Camp (CYC) is a summer camp designed and facilitated by our Compass youth leaders for youth. Based on the foundations of systems thinking, sustainability and experiential learning, this unique camp will help participants to be powerful and effective leaders and change-makers in their schools and communities.

This camp is designed for any 14-18 years old youth who is passionate about bringing sustainable and positive change to their community.

Watch this CYC video by Norito, CYC 2017 Media Facilitator


By participating in this camp, youth will gain language, tools and skills to be a more effective and transformative leader in their school and community through…

  • Participatory hands-on workshops
  • Learn and take action in the local community
  • Discover sustainable system change
  • Experience outdoor education
  • Plan service learning and school sustainability

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Student Empowerment Training

This is a three-day or four-day training programme in which we train students to train their teachers and peers. The overall aim of this programme is to strengthen the capacity and confidence of students to be effective sustainability facilitators and trainers on sustainability and systems thinking utilizing the Compass and systems thinking tools.

Coming out of the training, student participant will…

  • Have a firm understanding of the concept of sustainability its value and application to different aspects of our lives
  • Identify the presence and components of interconnected systems in our immediate and wider world
  • Recognize the premises of systems thinking, its value, and how to apply in problem analysis and solution creation
  • Build facilitation skills and techniques, both generally and specific to the Compass tools.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Symposium

Compass Education is soon to offer its newly developed 1-day school-wide SDGs symposium that is aimed at building SDGs literacy among all students using a mixture of games, mixed media, group discussions and systems thinking based exercises and SDGs sphere of influence action mapping. Students will be empowered to train others and to effectively localize the SDGs within the context of their own sphere of influence to take action for improving their communities.

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