Level 1 Online Course

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable World: A Systems Thinking Approach

April 12 – May 30, 2021

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Level 1 Online Course

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable World: A Systems Thinking Approach

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Compass Education is a leading actor in the global movement to TRANSFORM learning, thinking and action by youth, educators, school leaders, and educational institutions, in order to contribute to building a flourishing and sustainable future for all


Compass Education empowers and connects learning communities to educate and act for a sustainable future





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A well organised and informative course. Great way to develop your understanding of sustainability and learn valuable thinking tools to use in your classroom, staffroom or organisation to think further about issues and develop strategies to make positive and sustainable change.

This (Level 1 online) course has helped me to rethink how I present the curriculum to our learners. Presenting it in a sustainable way can make a big difference. The course has helped me to take small steps to present science learning within a sustainable lens.

The Compass Level 1 course provides a very unique way of thinking, which allows you to reinvent the tools used both in the classroom and in extra curricular activities.  I would highly recommend this training.

The Compass tools are a great way to organise information and formulate ideas for sustainable change. I have found them very successful in teaching young people about complex issues despite them having no prior knowledge.

This (Compass) workshop has shown me that there are ways to develop high-level thinking on topics with young students. We need to dig deeper into ourselves, the people around us and the issues in order to truly make sustainable change.

This course – necessary in all areas of our lives – changed my approach not only as a teacher but as a person, helping me to understand the interconnections between all of us. As a teacher, I will forward this understanding to my students because I am convinced that this approach will change our perceptions and cognitive behaviours for the best.

EVERY educator and administrator should be aware of the Compass model and the systems thinking that underpins it; our ability to send students out into the world after educating them from this perspective would be literally earth-changing!

I believe that using the (Sustainability) Compass and other tools have given me the ability to visually map out a lot of the things that I give thought to in a way that is visible for others to see.

“This (Level 1) workshop made me more aware of how working towards sustainability is very important. It made me realized that as an educator, I can play a big role in guiding the students to develop the knowledge, skills and values that they need to create a sustainable world.”

“This is the workshop all educators should do as part of professional development aimed at encouraging our students to be proactive, collaborative, critical thinkers who make a positive difference in the world we live in. The models for sustainability provide massive scope for students to facilitate and promote positive sustainable change.”

“An incredible workshop that will allow you to push your students to think deeper. Inspiring, engaging
and transformational in relation to students learning.”

The training was high quality and flexible. The activities and pace all felt like they were tailored specifically to the needs of our group. Conversations were encouraged and allowed to continue and develop participants’ thinking.

I used to think that I would have to ‘make time’ in order to regularly apply these tools into my classroom, but now I know that I can easily incorporate these ideas/tools/strategies/concepts into everything I do. It fits so perfectly with every unit of inquiry that I teach and can be applied to any discipline in our school.

I was impressed with how what appears to be a simple tool can lead to incredible deep and powerful realizations about the world around us and the everyday choices that we make.

Thank you, Compass Education, for being the moral compass the education world in particular and the world in general, needs! This is the work I have always imagined education should be about, and Compass is helping me to see the possibilities for making this vision of education a reality.

“The most profound lesson that broadened my vision for education for sustainability was the Compass Thinking Tool.”

“This course has changed the trajectory of my career and I am very grateful.”

“Compass Education came to our school to run a workshop on Sustainability. We received the training and tools we needed to create a plan for our school to live our values. The trainers were absolutely amazing!”

“CYC has left all of us, facilitators and campers, with motivation to apply the tools we’ve learnt to improve our communities, and ultimately, the world!

“I used to think that sustainability was just about nature and the environment and I am so excited to find it is connected to all the other Compass points and allows a deeper level of thinking in education and beyond to deal with complex issues through systems thinking.”

I was really very impressed… and came out a much better teacher. The Sustainability Compass and Systems Thinking tools were simply great!

“CYC is definitely something all students should consider partaking in. Geared towards making measurable change, I believe the what sets CYC apart from most camps is its core of sustainable thinking. Aside from teaching peers the value of systemic solutions and the use of effective leverage points, the camp strives to make long term change possible through the action plans it develops and implements within the local community. By driving students to cause improvement in the world around them, Compass Education creates an experience that proves that learning is best done outside the classroom.”

“Thanks for one of the most useful PD sessions I have attended in my 20+ years as a teacher!

I really enjoyed interacting with like-minded educators from all over the world. It’s always good to participate in  conversations with others in different fields and locations, especially when focused on common interests, so I feel that I have grown professionally and personally in this course. I have gained a much richer understanding of the concept of sustainable development as well as how to begin incorporating it into my classroom! I am so excited to put what I have learned into practice!

“… the concepts that were taught to me [that] gave me a new perspective of the community I live in. It allowed me to view it in a way that I am capable of changing or improving it in any way possible.”

“I am very impressed. I have heard of Compass Education before many times and have used the Compass points in my classroom. I am very impressed with the range of tools available outside of the Compass points and how the different tools could be used for a particular lesson or after school activity.”

“Compass Education is a powerful tool that people can use to instill hope to anyone that wants to have or make a CHANGE.”

“This camp was a great experience for me, teaching me a number of valuable lessons: the importance of maintaining sustainability; the important skills required in leadership and how we can apply them in our daily lives. Overall it was a wonderful experience.”

“I am very happy with the tools being shared. They are practical and can be applied or integrated easily to the subjects I am teaching.”

I used to think that teaching students how to think critically and from a systems thinking perspective was a daunting task, but now I feel like it’s quite easy and fun, especially with the applicable tools gained from this weekend.

The Compass Education workshops are exactly what our world needs right now – a paradigm shift in the way we view education.  As educators, we need to be aware of the systems that surround us in order to help our students see the bigger picture so that together we can think and act sustainable to create a better world!

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