Learning to Lead in a Changing World

by Tegar Laga Joebhaar (Year 13, Lanna International School Thailand)

CYC Organiser and Participants with Dara Ang Representatives

What steps would you take to maintain a sustainable nation?

Team building activity: the Piranha Peril

Well for five nights this summer, I was part of the Compass Youth Camp at Prem. The camp was a mix of outdoor activities and a workshop on sustainability. With a focus on youth leadership, the camp involved a great deal of team work and most importantly the aim of promoting sustainability through the four points of the compass: Nature, Economy, Society and Well-being.

In order to learn more about the third point, Society, we visited Pan Daeng Nai village and stayed there for a night to interview the local hill tribe villagers about their way of life: how much they rely on their crops and the forest; their thoughts on the younger generation working in the city; their reflections on whether their traditional customs can be preserved in our fast developing world.

Community visit

While at Prem, my camp mates and I visited the Traidhos farm and interviewed the local farmers on how they provide a living for their families. We also analysed the farming system used at Traidhos. The last few days were filled with more team-building and a trip to the night bazaar. On the final day, my teammates and I presented our ideas of how we can maintain a sustainable environment to the hill tribe members of Pan Daeng Nai.

This camp was a great experience for me, teaching me a number of valuable lessons: the importance of maintaining sustainability; the important skills required in leadership and how we can apply them in our daily lives. Overall it was a wonderful experience.