Compass Education Level 1 & Level 2 Certification Workshop at NIST International School, Bangkok

by Teresa, Mike, Cindy and Kevin

Level 1 Workshop

On the weekend of Sept 26-27, a diverse and inspirational group of educators gathered together for the Compass Education Level 1 and Level 2 training workshops hosted at NIST International School sponsored by EARCOS. With the lead of experienced trainers Teresa Tung (Level 1), Mike Johnston (Level 2), and new additions to the team of co-facilitators, Cindy Chen and Kevin Sullivan, participants and facilitators explored the tools and concepts of Compass of Sustainability and systems-thinking. With the amazingly diverse background and dynamics of the group, the workshops are filled with empowering discussions, laughters and many ah-ha moments. It was a weekend with many meaningful connections, systems-thinking learning processes and friendship. Thank you to the participants for their energy and efforts and joining our community. We look forward to more sustainable discussions, sharing of stories, and collaboration between educators in the Compass network!

Level 2 Workshop