A Glimpse into the Action at the Compass Youth Camp 2016

by Koh Okuno (CYC 2016 Media Facilitator)

A year has passed and the Compass Youth Camp (CYC) has once again commenced! This year we have students from all around Asia, coming in from international schools in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and China. The main activities that these students will be taking part in are System Thinking activities, Amoeba roles, and Presentation tips. From these activities students will be able to gain problem solving skills for them to apply when they visit an indigenous tribe’s village to solve the central problem.

This year’s facilitators are Jason, Kaymin, Naia, and Sara and I asked them what they were most excited about for the coming week.

“Helping students and understanding the effect of their action in the everyday world”

“To helpfully see students get inspired so that they their knowledge back and share it with others”

“Meeting new people and getting to explore the world of system thinking with new people”

“To see the participants point of view on sustainability and what they are passionate about”

Not only will it be a long week of learning but also a week for these students to socialise and have fun. Make sure to be updated through the CYC Facebook page and Instagram @compassyouthleaders picture of the day!