Youth Leadership for a Sustainable Future: the start of CYC 2017!

by Norito (CYC Youth Media Facilitator)

The Compass Youth Camp (CYC) is almost upon us! This year we have students from Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines. They will be taking part in activities involving system thinking, sustainability, and leadership for practical use in the Mae Kapiang Karen tribe village as well as in their home communities.

The facilitators this year are Abhinav, Koh, Naia, Rasnam and myself, Norito. These are what we all are looking forward to this year and why they feel that it’s important for youth to take action for sustainable development:

“I am looking forward to meeting new people and since this is my first time at the camp, understanding how it works, looking at the local community and spreading new ideas I get from this camp. Sustainability is important because the earth is our home and at our current path of consumption, the earth will survive but we will not; and it is one of the only ways to make sure our homes are safe.”

“I am looking forward to making people feel welcome, making new friends, and spreading the message of sustainability.  I believe that discussing sustainability and teaching students about what this term implies is very relevant at this time in our world. Sustainability is most achievable if the areas represented by the four compass points are addressed, which is why I believe that teaching students and teachers about the Sustainability Compass can play a vital role in helping others to think about the world more critically.”

“I am looking forward to the community stay and learning with new people. Sustainability is important for us to not only live efficiently but to limit the impact of the harm that we do so that we leave this world with a maintained environment for future generations.”

“I am looking forward to sharing what I know about sustainability and learning more about it. Sustainability is important because we need to have a world to live in, I don’t want to breathe in pollution, and I won’t accept that my generation may develop smoker’s lungs by the time we’re 30 without being a smoker.”

We hope that the students will enjoy this week of learning and socializing. If you are not already, make sure to stay up to date with our Facebook Page and Instagram account!