Level 1 Certification Workshop at ASPV, Mexico

by Nicole Swedlow

On February 7-8, we held the first-ever Compass Education’s Level 1 certification workshop in Spanish! The workshop was hosted by the American School of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and attended by teachers and administrators from five other regional institutions.  During the two day workshop, the twenty-seven participants engaged in a fun, interactive and rich discovery of the Sustainability Compass and Systems Thinking tools for sustainable change.

Here are some of the participants said about the workshop:

“The Compass workshop provided a great framework and a number of useful tools to bring sustainable thinking into the classroom. It was thought provocative and inspiring and I can’t wait to learn more!”

“The workshop made me even more aware of the sustainability problem and how it must be addressed from a systemic point of view so that there really is a positive impact otherwise we will only be putting small patches on a sinking “ship” at high speed.”

“Compass Training 1 It was an experience where I learned to understand, know and investigate the impacts we have on everything we do. The impact with the help of the Wind Rose to enrich our critical thinking. It is a workshop that everyone should take for the importance in our life.”